Friday, July 8, 2016

May Things

Spring comes a little bit later up here at Bear Lake,
but once it's here it's sure nice to be outside. 

Happy Mother's Day!
 I love being this little blonde girl's mom. She brings me so much happiness. 
I couldn't imagine life without her. 

This is Autumn's Horse! 
Well it's really our neighbors, but she loves it like it's her own. 
We go down often and bring it carrots and apples. 

We have great neighbors. We often go and play in their backyard. Autumn loves their trampoline, pink play house, and sandbox. 

Mashed potato face. I love this girl's cheesy smiles. She's a little ham. 
I have been doing a little more sensory play times. We have done water, shaving cream, and cloud dough. It's been a bit messy, but a lot of fun. I didn't take a picture of the dough, but it was easy to make (just flour and oil) and really soft to play with. 

Just hanging out in the wild part of our yard.

Our cherry tree finally got some blossoms. This tree is struggling a bit. I hope it survives so we don't have to plant a new one. It looks half dead so I'm not sure it can come back from that. 

These two are pretty good friends. 

We found all of these wild flowers in our wild yard!

Can you spot the eggs?
We found these killdeer bird eggs just on the side of the dirt road that goes up behind our house. We knew there had to be a nest somewhere because the parents would try to distract you by acting hurt.  Matt finally spotted this little nest one day despite their good efforts. 
I was really looking forward to seeing these cute little chicks hatch, but their story is a sad one. I went up to check on them one day and found 2 lifeless bodies and 1 nearly lifeless. We think the magpies in the area may have been the cause of their deaths. I tried to help the one that was still breathing by trying to give him food, but I think he was just too injured. Both of its parents were still around too so I hopped they could help the little guy, I went up the next day to see if he had survived the night and found all 3 bodies gone and their poor parents grieving. I am too soft for this kind of thing and really hope we don't get any more nests on our road. :( And my hatred for magpies has grown immensely.

Sorry for the sad story. Next month will be the start of our Happy Fun Summer Adventures! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

April's Happenings

Autumn is 19 months old.
 She loves water in all it's different forms - baths, pools, lakes, spray bottles, hoses, sinks, ice, and snow. She loves it all! She even likes getting sprayed in her face and in fact she loves it. Sometimes I let her play with the spray bottle herself and she ends up drenched.

She wanted to give her baby a bath...
and so she did. I wasn't going to let her. I put the doll up on the sink counter. I left for 2 seconds to grab a towel while the tub was filling and came back to find the doll in the tub. I didn't realize she could even reach that high. Oh well. It was really cute watching her wash her baby. She was very gentle and made sure she was clean from head to toe. 
She loves to tell stories and especially at dinner time. She was telling us an exciting and intense one this night. She would get very animated and loud and then she would whisper for little bit. We tried to get it recorded, but we were too slow. She's a silly one.
When it's been warm enough we will go on bike rides down into town and go to the Post Office and the Park. She loves to play on the swings and go down the slides. 

Time for a cat nap. 
Autumn wouldn't go down for a nap at her normal time,
but eventually she conked out and her kitty did too.
She really loves it when her friends come over to play. They all have a lot of fun together.
This video is of her reading in her closet with one of her friends.
He's reading a cookie monster book in the background. :)
Autumn has all her stuffed animals and books in her closest. Almost once a day I find her in their reading books to her animals. It's the best! 

We got to take a ride into one of our neighbors fields to see the cows and their babies. We just rode out in the middle of a herd of them and sat and watched for awhile. The Momma cow's didn't seem too fond of us, but the calves seemed intrigued. Autumn loves to moo when she sees cows so it was really cool to be so up close and to hear them moo. 

This month we also got to meet a new member of our family. We got another nephew and Autumn got another younger cousin. We met baby Owen when he was about 10 days old. I forgot how little they come. We forgot to bring our camera, but Autumn was really cute with him and held him for minute with help. He is such a cute little thing!